Your employees' access to apps made secure

With Cakewalk's seamless Identity Governance.

Finally, full control for IT & Security teams.

And smooth on- & offboarding for HR.
And instant access for employees.
And real transparency for finance.
And seamless compliance for managers.
Trusted by IT, Security & HR.
Loved by employees.
Access Requests

Give your employees the apps they need. And still keep full control.

With conversational access requests via an AI-enabled Slack channel or your custom app catalog.


Automatically detect every access of your identities. And guarantee least privilege.

With real-time alerts for every single unapproved access.

On- & Offboarding

Smoothly onboard employees via role-based access. And never miss an account during offboarding.

With automated provisioning and de-provisioning workflows.

Access Reviews & Audits

Run compliant access reviews. And be IT audit-ready at the press of a button.

With detailed access logs for all your apps and identities.

Make your employees’ access to apps seamless and secure.
Get going within minutes
Zero integration effort required
Over 4000 apps supported
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«At Candis, 5 tools are default for all employees: Google, Slack, 1Password, Cakewalk, BambooHR.»

Lars Böhnke, Head of Product

Keeping your data safe is our highest priority.

Infrastructure security & availability

Database and infrastructure managed by AWS
Data stored in Europe only
Backups deployed across multiple availability zones
Continuous monitoring for 24/7 surveillance
Best-in-class encryption in transit and at rest
Restricted access to production servers with audit logs
Multitenancy (separate database per customer)

Organizational security

SSO and MFA usage whenever available
Password manager for storing non-SSO credentials
Role-based employee access management
Regular access and vendor reviews
Secrets and API keys stored in AWS Secrets Manager only
Background checks for all employees
Continuous employee security training
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