Run automated access workflows where your employees are.
Access chaos
Employees are frustrated by endless tickets and messages, waiting for app access.
Limited control
IT & Security teams lack access control, leading to security risks from over-provisioning.
Painful compliance
Low visibility of central teams into who has access to what makes IT compliance a pain.
Overworked IT
Manual and error-prone ticketing systems cost IT teams hours of their valuable time.
Run seamless app requests via an AI-enabled Slack channel or your custom app catalog.
Full control
Control every single app request via multi-step approval flows to achieve least privilege.
Easy compliance
Automatically keep track of every single app access to step up your IT compliance.
IT efficiency
Eliminate manual ticketing systems and cut IT time spent on app approvals by over 85%.
“I have been in IT for over 20 years. Managing user access is one of the jobs that I thought would be painful forever. With Cakewalk we have a dedicated app catalog with all our officially used tools which makes it super easy for employees to request access in a compliant manner.”
Roland Brecht
System Engineer at
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