Smoothly onboard users and safely remove them in offboarding
Manual onboarding
Giving new employees access to apps is a time-consuming and chaotic process.
Arbitrary access
Unclear role definitions lead to inconsistent access permissions across all teams.
No source of truth
Access data is not fully synced with your Identity Provider and your HR system.
Incomplete offboarding
Revoking access is an error-prone task making offboarding a security risk.
Easy onboarding
Smoothly onboard employees and instantly give them access to the apps they need.
Role-based access
Run role-based access controls via user groups that you can create in minutes.
System integrations
Integrate Cakewalk with your Identity Provider to auto-sync all your user data.
Complete offboarding
Never miss an account during offboarding with secure provisioning workflows.
“Offboarding is one of the most critical security tasks for IT. Ensuring that every single seat is removed when people leave the company is a challenge. With Cakewalk, we have complete visibility and can automate offboarding flows to ensure that we revoke all access.”
Suehyun Kim
Senior IT Systems Administrator at parcelLab
Make your employees’ access to apps seamless and secure.
Get going within minutes
Zero integration effort required
Over 4000 apps supported
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