Get complete visibility over every single app access of your employees
Shadow IT
IT, Security & HR teams have limited transparency into which apps employees are actually using.
SSO dependency
SSO serves as the main source for access tracking, but it always delivers an incomplete picture.
Security issues
User over-provisioning leads to significant security and compliance risks in companies.
Full visibility
Detect every access of all your identities and get your app overview auto-updated.
Beyond SSO
Go beyond SSO for access tracking with Cakewalk’s employee-friendly browser extension.
Least privilege
Guarantee least privilege with real-time alerts for every single unapproved app access.
“We used to track app access with manual spreadsheets that were mostly out of sync. Cakewalk is automating this for us, providing real-time visibility and alerts for access without authorization.”
Rocci Berge
System & Cloud Collaboration Administrator at Celebrate
Get full visibility on all the apps your employees access.
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Zero integration effort required
Over 4000 apps supported
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